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During the Summer . . .

All four heaters are controlled by the thermostat to the left and just behind the television.

You adjust the heat with the minus (-) and plus (+) buttons on the thermostat.


When leaving the cabin, please set the thermostat to 38 degrees.

Heaters and Thermostat.jpg

During the Winter . . .

Two of the heaters are on the thermostat and two of the heaters are on Alexa.

This is so we can turn two of the heaters on, remotely, before we go to the cabin. When you go to the cabin, I'll turn the heaters on the day before you arrive, so we can knock the chill off before you get there.

Well, sort of. Two heaters alone won't totally warm up the cabin, but it can take the temperature from 38 degrees to about 60 degrees.

What you have to do when you get to the cabin is switch the two Alexa controlled heaters back to the thermostat. This is super simple.

The two Alexa controlled are to the left side of the couch and to the right side of the cabinet bed. All you have to do is unplug each heater from the Amazon Smart Plug and plug it into the thermostat receiver.

Before you leave, switch the heaters back to the Smart Plugs again.

Heater Plug in Options.jpg

The above configuration is when the heater is plugged into the thermostat.

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